Arvind Kejriwal Aam Aadmi Party address at BIMTECH Greater Noida -Students should be active in politics to clean the system



Speaking on the occasion of the 25th year silver jubilee celebration of Birla Institute Of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Sh Arvind Kejriwal put forth his views on youth  and politics . He started his speech by putting this question to everyone “IF OUR MPs  ARE SO EASILY TRADEABLE ,HOW INDEPENDENT ARE WE? “. Talking on this point, he quoted various figures regarding the number of tainted MPs in our parliament today. He spoke about  his initial days as income tax commissioner  from wherein he started  his fight against  corruption. He expressed his surprise on people’s perception about ‘dirty’ politics.




According to him,” Politics is being looked down by people as dirty game but politics is in fact the soul of democracy and it is our duty to clean this dirt of politics. Democracy is just not about being ruled by political parties but it is about people empowerment.”




Stressing on this he pointed out that, “It’s the people who should decide where their money should be utilized”. He called for a participative democracy. Mr Arvind Kejriwal stressed that every person is needed to be part of system in order to change the system. Expressing his concern about how would he insure that his party has corruption-free members, he said that an initial background screening of the candidates is mandatory in the Aaam Aadmi Party. He disliked the fact that the concentration of power is there only at the centre level.



Mr Kejriwal also quoted the famous line by Mahatma Gandhi that “every village will be a republic in itself “.  On being asked about his views on reservations , he replied “many social atrocities are still prevalent in our society so there is a need for reservation but it should not be given to the “creamy layer “. He was of the opinion that it should reach out to the people of backward castes who truly need it. He believes that Indians are “first class people being ruled by third class politics.” He emphasised the fact that his party ( AAM ADAMI PARTY )  stands for truth and transparency and that truth was their only weapon to fight corruption which is a corollary to bad systems and governance . He called for the youth of today to help in the nation building and making our society free from menace of corruption, it’s the time to decide their dharma and give time for nation building. Sh Kejriwal also said if corruption can be controlled then our petrol rates can come down to Rs. 40.



According to him, “Our system presently has the Prevention of corruption act but it is not enough to curb corruption today,” The government proposed JAN LOKPAL BILL also contain several flaws which need to be plugged to make a strong JAN LOKPAL BILL. His party promises to ensure such kind of governance to people which is in consonance with our preamble of the nation and is truly for the people and by the people.  There were a lot of questions from the audience and Sh Kejriwal satisfied all the queries with succinct answers.



The session finally concluded with the couplet of the famous Hindi poet, Sh Dushyant Kumar “Ho gai peer parbat-si, pighalni chahiye, is himalay se koi ganga nikalni chahiye…… aaj ye deewar pardoon ki tarah hilane lagi,  shart lekin thi ki buniyad hilani chahiye har sarak par har gali main har nagar har gaon main hath lehrate huye har lash chalni chahiye sirf hangama khara karna mera maqsad nahi meri koshish ye hai ki ye soorat badalni chahiye mere sine main nahi to tere sine main sahi ho kahi bhi aag lekin aag jalni chahiye”.



According to him, this couplet summed up his struggle to create anon corrupt governance  India. The entire audience comprising of faculties and students of various Institutes of Greater Noida, BIMTECH faculties and students and others, sang this along with him. The Director of BIMTECH, Dr Harivansh Chaturvedi welcomed Sh Kejriwal to BIMTECH and Greater Noida. The compeering was done by BIMTECH students





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