Haute Bridal World promises to set new benchmarks

The forthcoming Haute Bridal World (HBW) 2013 conceived and presented by Zezest Media promises to be one of the most riveting consumer platform, that will facilitate distinctive expressions of style and panache with the participation of unique Indian exhibitors and brands. These diverse brands will boast of chic collections and unique design sensibilities.

‘Wedding’ and ‘Fashion’ going synonymous, has led to the booming of Indian Wedding Industry. More than the staggeringly high annual turnover, it has been the overwhelming response from all the key stakeholders and business associates that has aided in catapulting the concept of Indian weddings to glorious heights of brilliance amalgamated with opulence. HBW is a seasonal extravaganza that will be showcased in different cites pan India every two months. The panoramic HBW aims to be the premier B2C platform on the buzzing Indian fashion calendar. The event will be organized in different venues pan India keeping in mind the strategic significance of those destinations. This in turn will not only provide the much needed launch pad to diverse fashion brands associated directly or indirectly with the wedding industry.

It will epitomize the best of everything related to the Indian Wedding Industry. With more than 50 exhibitors, the consumer will have the splendid discretion under one roof to inquire, book and purchase from them the entire wedding all under one roof. The exhibition will be instrumental in carving a ‘never like before’ interface between the end consumer and the retailer. No wonder, this is why HBW is already being touted as the next big thing in the country.

HBW foresees itself being the premiere luxury platform in India that caters to and collaborates with the best in fashion and luxury for both the aspiring and the HNI. As the first B2C luxury platform in India, HBW holds the key as the destination, be it testing market collections or launching International or the Indian fashion brands that nurture the same vision of style and innovation.



Momentous occasions like wedding are cherished for times to come, and thus it becomes extremely imperative for one to plan them in the most meticulous and methodical manner. While it is indubitably a thrilling exercise, it is bound to take a toll due to the various onerous tasks. With a holistic objective of making the marriage event a convenient and a more joyful affair, we have assiduously strived to team an unrivalled army of more than 50 wedding connoisseurs and the suppliers. It will take colossal burden off your shoulders as it will enable you to source all the products of your need for the most awaited moment sitting under one roof. That HBW connotes excellence and diversity can be gauged that it encompasses a wide spectrum ranging from bridal wear to florists, bridal luggage, footwear, photographers, cake designers, jewelers, wedding planners and tour operators for honeymoon destinations.

HBW aims to cultivate sensitivity towards fashion styling and provide an unparalleled hub to share the expertise and the knowledge. It will bring together experts, stylists with industry experience, spectacular brands and consumers to create a progressive and fashion conscious ambience.

An event personifying grandeur and luxury helps the brands of the same genre to selectively focus and connect with their target audience. This event aims to celebrate this USP and present it to the uber, trend spotting visitors. Event promotion is planned accordingly with new ideas right from venue design to offerings.

As the concept of luxury lifestyle has been gaining momentum in the Indian subcontinent, HBW as a B2C platform becomes the torch bearer of this spectacular genre.




HBW plays a pivotal role in helping clients/visitors think and plan as to how they can judiciously invest in their wardrobes, in sync with the prevalent trends, their penchants and style quotient. The bottom line being to create a wardrobe that is not just affordable and trendy, but one that can easily fits into any age group and body type.

It is certainly a win win state when esteemed visitors have the privilege of gazing at all the above mentioned cutting edge features and offerings comprising exclusive trousseau merchandise from the best Indian exhibitors and brands under one roof.

HBW quintessentially stands apart on the Indian luxury calendar as an inimitable forum for myriads of luxury BRANDS. The excellence and multiplicity of the offerings are sure to gratify the visitors keen to attain personal counsel for their unique style quotient, or for that matter, avant gardé trends. Styling coupled with beauty will make the event glamorous and an unforgettable one. The event will pave the way for a new era in the Indian Fashion circuit as it will set new benchmarks for showcasing new brands, collections and trends.

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Zezest Media was the Events Partner for HT Trends 2013. The concept behind putting up the event was to give an opportunity to large players to exhibit their offerings to the customers and engage sales with them at the venue. The event was also followed by a two hour Fashion Show, choreographed by Sharon Prabhakar. It was held in The Ashok, New Delhi on 23-24 March, 2013. The esteemed premium partners for this event were Frontier Raas, Maruti Suzuki, Whirlpool, Jaypee Greens, Chhabra, CTC Ltd besides Kasar Creations, Moissanite, Natuzzi, Inayaat, Rosy Ahluwalia, Radius, Sillviato, Archies, Vintage etc.

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